Monday, February 27, 2012

Potty Update

Well, it was an interesting weekend on the potty. We had some successes (mainly due to the non-stop BM's) but had NO successes in the pee department. I have a call in to the doc to see about adjusting meds or what we should do about the constant pooping. We all got tired, we all got bored. It is hard work, but we are keeping at it and thank God for the teachers at school taking a shift each week day!

Friday, February 24, 2012 least a little

Tonight we had some little boys who asked to go potty and who both pooped in the potty (even if it was just a little)! Licker asked once and pooped 3 times at home (and once at school). Trouble asked once (10 min after we sat him and he used his talker) and pooped twice! I think he was jealous that Licker was getting beads and he wasn't getting his hand sanitizer.

Its a start and gives me some hope!

Back On the Potty Again

Kind of like being back in the saddle but without the saddle sores and the fun scenery. Instead you get some interesting books and smells and some children who really don't want to be there. We are trying a less invasive method this time and sitting them at set intervals through out the day. May take longer, but I think we may have more of ALL of our minds intact at the end.

So we had the procedure done for Encopresis and things are ....flowing. I would say nicely, but is poop ever nice? really? So we waited a week (school went ahead and started this week). Trouble pooped once at school and hasn't done anything at home yet. Licker has done once at school at once at home. No pee yet, but with the procedure on their bums, I'm not surprised.

This is the book I am following along with some things from the Cincinnati Kelly O'Leary center. I will update you all as things go along, but this way my friends who DON'T want to hear about graphic pee and poo can avoid it and just NOT read ;)

Happy Potty!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Schools in!

The summer is over and we are all grateful (since it was such a hot one). The boys started a new school this year for third grade. So far, it seems to be going very well! They miss their teacher (pictured left), but they get to see her still.

Both boys are listening very well!  Licker is trying all kinds of new foods! He is throwing away his trash and cleaning up his messes (and throwing away the towels, but we'll work on that. Only needs slight encouragement to clean up! Trouble is cleaning up without being asked. Anticipating things (like bedtime yogurt) and getting the yogurt and omega out of the fridge for Daddy. He is also getting in a LOT less trouble.

We are SO very proud. We hope the year will only continue to improve and our happy boys continue to do SO very well!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

You make the Kool Aid better

So we are putting the whole potty thing behind us for the moment. I'm trying to forget about it, at least until my ego is a bit less bruised and they seem a bit more ready. We are instead trying to end the withholding of poo once and for all! (hopefully) but enough with the body functions talk!

I have a saying and this saying dates back to right after high school. I was rooming with my two best friends (one who eventually dumped us to get married...but tha'ts another story). We would take turns doing things. One of those things was making Kool Aid.
(for those of you who might not know about koolaid) So, this process involved adding a cup of sugar and a packet of chemicals to 2 quarts of water. Stir and the process is complete. My roommates used to try and con me into doing by saying "you make the kool aid better". This has become a phrase in my life when I or someone else is trying to get someone to do something just because they don't want too.

So beware of friends asking for Kool Aid! :)

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Count Down...5 days left!

We have 5 days left until the start of the intensive. Tomorrow is my planning meeting with CITE. Then I start gathering things to get set up. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring was Delayed

They tell me the groundhog saw his shadow...or whatever it is that makes spring come early. The problem is that it came early..and left even earlier! We had temps in the 70's last week. We were wearing shorts and opening windows. Heck, we were even sweating! Then this week comes along and so far, we barely got above 40. The First two days of spring break looked like this:
What is WRONG with these pictures? WINTER COATS. Lets lose the need and get some warmth into our spring break...please?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh Yes it's POTTY time, and the feelin's right!

Oh yes. We are going there. No, not there. That picture is the beautiful version of other people's potty time. Those 5 of you who happen to read my blog know that will not be how this works.

First of all, my children are 8, and have autism. We are doing them one at a time. The intensive method where you spend ALL DAY in the potty.

No, I don't mean in a "I ate some bad fish" kind of way. I mean a "Sit and stare at your child on the potty for hours and hours from waking until bedtime" kind of way.

We are starting with Licker. He stays dry for the longest time so we figured he was the most ready. We start on April 8th at 6:30am. Once he wakes, all his food and some of his kinda fun toys will be in or near the Potty. We sit him for 30 min and if he doesn't pee he gets a 2 min break. There is a lot of math involved so I'm hoping that I'll be able to read my notes after the third hour of watching him scream on the potty.

Yes, I could be optimistic and hope that he trains the first day. Actually, I do hope, but I am also a realist and know that there is a possibility this will continue for up to 5 more days (because at that point Trouble needs dental surgery). I'm hoping for the best. if any of you want to stop by and laugh or try and save my know where I am :)

Lets hope the weekend doesn't end with this!